A team that loves to create

Ingredients are what make the product, and the Bell Food & Beverage team can help you in many different ways.

If you are an existing product that simply needs a co-packer, then we got you covered. We can work directly with your suppliers and coordinate all the logistical details required to keep your product and its recipe the same as the first day you started commercially producing it, or save you a few bucks through local suppliers.

If you are a new product, or are looking to source ingredients closer to the manufacturing facility here in the lush Willamette Valley of Oregon, then we can help you find the ingredients you need. Organic, Natural, Non GMO, are all at your fingertips with us. With Bell Food & Beverage, you have options!


Keep it simple

Packaging configurations can be equally as important as the ingredients used to fill them, and we have a wide variety of suppliers in both glass and plastic.

Bottles and jars can range in size from tiny to huge, and everything in between, Whether its a glass mason jar, or an 8oz sample bottle for your tradeshows, we can assist you in finding the right package for your product. Let us help you stand out on the shelf, and get the attention your product so richly deserves.

For those who are seasoned veterans and just looking for a regional contract manufacturer or co-packer, we have a large database of suppliers. We will work with you, and either your original packaging suppliers, or we can source through some of ours and see if we can save you more of those valuable resources.